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Interman Educational Services

Interman Educational Services, the leading educational consultants is established in 1998, by Mohamed Ali N.K, with the headquarters at Valanchery, in Malappuram district of Kerala, India. By providing academic options on new and different areas of higher education, we lead the aspiring students to their academic goal. For the last sixteen years, Interman Educational Services has been providing the students free counselling for higher education opportunities with high career perspective.

Since 1998, we have expanded our educational services throughout India, opening new branches in different places. We represent recognized and reputable educational institutions, universities and colleges across India.

By opening educational opportunities in universities overseas, we look forward to extend our services for the students wish to study abroad. Thus, we emerge to be the best overseas educational service provider.

Our educational consultants offer outstanding information on the diverse courses that suit the career objective, academic brilliance and financial capacity of the candidates. Easing their academic uncertainties and leading to the best career options, we link students to the reputable universities, prestigious colleges and academic institutions across India and abroad.


Dear students and well wishers,

I use this opportunity to welcome all of you to make use of Interman Educational Services for your better future in academics in our own land or abroad. We all know that the education system has been under transformation. We should be part of this transformation by making use of the best of it for the development of our own personality and career for the advancement of our society in future.

We give importance to the quality education which would shape one's future with best career objectives and values of life. Education modifies one's personality and life, helping one persevere in the face of adversities of life. By opening a vast range of opportunities in higher education in our own land and abroad for students, we help them realize and attain their educational goals. Studying abroad is an important factor in the emerging global economy for a bright future in the careers abroad.

We build self-confidence and trust among our students through the interaction with our learned and well experienced counsellors, who offer outstanding information on the diverse courses that suit the career objective, academic brilliance and financial capacity of the students. Easing their academic uncertainties, Interman links students to the reputable academic institutions across India and abroad.

With sincere regards,
Mohamed Ali N.K
Chairman & Managing Director

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Our Vision

Our educational counseling offers the students the honest information on the various academic courses and institutions according to their academic merits, career objectives and financial background. We are the best regional and international educational service providers, who offer the best student support throughout their course of study.

Our Mission

To provide the best educational services for the students and professional services for our educational partners.To become the efficient educational consultant regionally and internationally, by keeping a long-lasting relationship with our candidates and institutions.To open before the society the higher education opportunities which lead to the development of social and living standards.

Our Aim

To lead the students to the right course and right institution and help them achieve their academic ambition.To provide opportunities for both regional and global education.To link the students with renowned institutions which offer career opportunities for the candidates.